Screen Cap Delay

Screen Cap Delay

Hello LOST fans! I had a complete computer meltdown on Wednesday so I do not have a copy of 6×09: Ab Aeterno to screen cap. I haven’t even seen it yet! Everyone has said it is such a fabulous episode too, so my computer picked a terrible time to breakdown. I will cap the rerun next Wednesday before 6×10: The Package.

3 Responses to “Screen Cap Delay”

  1. LOL, well, I’m glad you’re OK! Yes, I was honestly worried that the Lost-Media capper was ill… 😉

    And the ep was FANTASTIC! *teases*

    BTW, thanks for all the caps!!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I am resiting watching the episode online, but it is very, very hard!

    So glad you enjoy the caps. :)

  3. Glad you’re fine!

    Not sure if you already know, but I was going through the guide and there is no repeat episode. It’s now Dancing With The Stars, LOST, and then V. :(