EW: 17 Classic TV/Movie Time Travelers

9. SAWYER AND JULIET (Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell), AMONG MANY OTHERS
Lost (2004-present)

DEPARTURE COORDINATES: Late 2004/early 2005
TIME MACHINE: An island skipping (seemingly) erratically through time and space
ARRIVAL POINT: After various stops, including a brief interlude in 1954, they land in 1974.
MISSION: Trying very hard to not change the past and living happily ever…and then changing course and blowing up an atomic bomb to reboot time.


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  1. So I came across a list of all of the LOST episodes thus far, I’m wondering what ur guys’ favorites are? I Know it’s cliche, but my favorite this far was season 5 finale. So much happened and it blew me away!


  2. How can I add this post in my RSS reader?? Thanks in advance 😉 Cu from Poland