Life Imitates Art: Lost Producers Would Love to Meet Heroic US Airways Pilot

Celebrated US Airways pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger not only scored an invite to Tuesday’s Presidential Inauguration, he also has an open invitation to visit the set of Lost, the ABC series revolving around the miraculous survivors of a plane crash.

“We would love to meet Sully,” Carlton Cuse told when asked if he and fellow Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof might invite the pilot to visit the show’s production base in Hawaii.

Sullenberger has been commended for his ability to safely land Flight 1549 in New York City’s Hudson River, and without any casualties among the 155 passengers and crew members on board. That he was able to do so, Cuse notes, is rather ironic given one of the “extras” on the Lost Season 4 DVD set.

“It’s funny,” says Cuse, “because there’s a special feature which has somebody trying to debunk the Oceanic 6’s story” about surviving the plunge of Flight 815. “There’s this aviation expert basically saying, ‘A water landing is impossible. That part of their story doesn’t hold up. You could never land a plane on the water.'”

Eau contraire.

One Response to “Life Imitates Art: Lost Producers Would Love to Meet Heroic US Airways Pilot”

  1. I think for Cuse to make any sort of comparison is still sort of funny. Flight 815 was already at crusing altitude somewhere between 30,000 and 36,000 feet. Flight 1549 in New York was just minutes after take off and flying at a much lower altitude and even in Cuse’s own depiction of the crash, 815 breaks up in mid air, never making a true water landing.